Z60A - $20 for a QSL? Not really.

We all know that the ARRL BoD is not the most popular entity these days. But one of the things they did recently made a tiny Republic which was part of the former Yugoslavia into a new officially recognized DXCC entity. Yes, this is Kosovo, and it's now an official DXCC entity.

Well, our friend from Finland heard of this news and flew in to Pristina pronto, as he wanted to be "on the ground" to get things well activated. Love him or hate him, he is "Martti on the spot" when it comes to new DX entities. Immediately the pileups came through thick and ferocious. Electric power consumption increased worldwide as transceivers and amplifiers fired up, beaming glorious RF to the newly recognized entity.

Ah, but there is one wrinkle. When it's done, it ain't done until the paperwork is done. You see, the contact is one thing, but DXCC rules require written confirmation. You do this either with a QSL card, a letter, or through ARRL Logbook of The World (LoTW).

The controversy seems to stem from the fact that the Z60A operation is offering a $20 early QSL option. Yep, you can skip to the head of the QSL queue for US$20. I can imagine since only 9 people are on #1 Honor Roll right now that a lot who were knocked off are anxious to get back on.

Some people think this isn't ethical. Some are OK with it. Some are ecstatic (I would imagine a lot of the #1HR folks are). My friend and well respected DXpedition team leader Paul, N6PSE thinks it's a bad idea and the start of a bad trend and harmful to smaller operations. He does make some good points.

I am sort of on the fence on this.

For one, I am generally against the exploitation of ham radio contacts for monetary gain. However, I agree with Paul and I realize that DXpeditions have real costs and those costs often aren't insignificant. So I can understand asking for a few bucks above what postage and QSL card printing costs. I often donate significantly above what is asked, if I felt a DXpedition deserved it. I think it is important that those going to these places aren't fully stuck with the bill (even though in most cases the team members do lay out substantial sums).

But I have heard a few views which make me lean on the side of "the $20 donation is not a bad thing IF and only IF it is used for good."

First of all, the claim by the Z60A team is that the money is going to be used to develop Amateur Radio in Kosovo, especially among youth. If that is the case, and they are a new country after all, I am more than happy to support them on that basis alone.

I was told by another DXer that the money is going to be used to sponsor a Kosovar team to the WRTC. If that is the case then I am all for it. After all, a new country having a team at the ham radio olympics? They will be very proud of that. I can't confirm this claim's authenticity but it sounds noble.

That said - I don't like the idea of this becoming a trend IF it is used to pay DXpedition costs. Sure, there are DXers who would pay a lot of money to work a rare one, and donate tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get a new one on the air. But I don't think it should ever be a requirement. It isn't in this case, but some may seize on this idea.

Quite simply, the slippery slope is well in sight.

Today you are paying for priority QSLs and LoTW, tomorrow you are paying for...? The idea that eventually you'll be paying for private skeds, priority in the queue and - heaven forbid - guaranteed QSOs, makes my blood curl.

I don't think that every DXpedition should simply give away all QSLs for free. It is absolutely fine to ask for postage costs, and maybe a little extra to cover extraordinary costs such as transportation.

However, there are some hams who will work every slot 10 times over, rule the leader board then request a free bureau card, which to me is simply taking advantage. So I am 100% fine with a DXpedition asking for $5-$10 for postage, and maybe asking for a voluntary donation above that. Per DX foundation rules, they will upload the entire to LoTW within a set time frame.

There has to be a balance, and while I truly believe Martti's request and offer is noble, akin to a kickstarter reward, I think that this should really be looked at long and hard before it becomes a trend.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. What do you think? Sound off below.


  1. With the AA7JV & HA7RY ”two men in a boat" style expeditions of which I was the pilot, we decided to upload the logs to LoTW and eQSL daily, while the expedition was still on. Not just for the sponsors', but for all QSOs. I believe we were among the first to do so at the time. The DX community was pleasantly surprised and actually it had a positive impact on the PayPal balance.

    1. and Ham Radio Spirit was not in danger :) I think it is OK to ask to donate to cover some expencies, it is OK to ask to donate to help local radio club - but ask it seperaterly without telling that you are paying for superspeed confirmation. I need only two countries to coplete DXCC list - need P5 wrk/cfm and Z6 cfm, but even if it is only Z6 needed for my HR#1 - I will wait for normal confirmation. 73 from Helen, UR5WA (KT4RP). The same thoughts are from my husband US5WE who needs only Z6 confirmed

  2. A movie ticket is $14, we pay much more for entertainment elsewhere. $20 for a QSL card in my opinion is high, but when you factor it in as a offset for dxpedition costs, as hams are cheap and wouldn't donate otherwise, I think is ok. It's an incentive to donate, when most hams would give zero.

  3. I think a rig with a credit card slot might be a step too far (although it might not be...) - but there is a lot of scope for rare DX locations in 3rd world locations to raise money from wealthy foreigners eager to part with their money.

    If the box makers had any nous, they would have a program of training operators in such locations - and setting them up with gear that they can pay for from a revenue share and sponsored web sites and QSL cards. After all, DXing is simply a variant of the sport of fishing, and smart fishery operators make sure there are plenty of fish for the paying anglers to catch.


  4. I was the first FT8 Z6/S56A single operator on January 27/8, 2018 making some 500+ QSO, unfortunately only 5 USA. Log was loaded quickly to LoTW and Clublog. That was my sixth visit to Kosovo patiently waiting for ARRL DXCC to recognize IARU R1 and your government reality.

    73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU

    P.S. Me too support Ria, N2RJ for Hudson director!


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