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Are you prepared for your next power outage?

As amateur radio operators, we always have disaster and emergency preparedness on our minds. I want to do a series on disaster prep and how you can be prepared. Today we will talk about power. Can you imagine the world today without power? I can't. Everything from my water supply, to the septic system, to my car depends on electric power. Your needs may be similar. If we have a major event like a hurricane, earthquake, wildfire or similar, power is likely one of the first things to go. In the old days, it was simple - get a supply of disposable batteries and battery powered flashlights to ride it out until power comes back. Or if you had the money, get a generator. If you really had a lot of money, get a whole house generator that runs on natural gas or propane. Today, we have even more options. Within the past 10 years or so, I have seen a number of options for backup and portable power that put the fuel powered generator on the back burner. To be clear, I don't see these repl

Hello again!

 Well, it's 2024 and lots has been going on. In particular I write regularly on Substack . I also have the radio show on WRMI Legends - Sundays at 10PM ET on WRMI 5050kHz. Also available wherever you get your favorite podcasts.