Sussex Hamfest this Sunday

Reminder: I'll be at the Sussex County Amateur Radio Club Hamfest this weekend, on Sunday July 15. I have a table inside and you should see the banner. Come by, say hello, and bring your friends.

I'll also be there on July 14 helping the club set up (I am a member).

See you at Sussex!

Ria, N2RJ

Welcome QRZ members - ads are running

Banner ads are now running on and soon to appear on some other websites. This targeted campaign will hopefully bring more awareness of the campaign. Ads aren't cheap, but they are definitely worth it. They are especially worth it if you would like to win back your Director's seat in the Hudson Division.

So a big welcome to all of you. And please, tell your friends in the Hudson Division why we need this positive change.

Of course, if you'd like to help display more ads and get the word out even more, you can easily do so.

For those of you who haven't seen the ad, it's here:

Ria, N2RJ

Website updates

I've added some parts of the website that spell out in detail what my position statements and plans are. Go to and have a look.

I also interviewed with Dan, KB6NU Yesterday (July 5) for his "no-nonsense Amateur Radio Podcast." If you have or know of a podcast or other ham radio media that would like to have me on, let me know and let them know.

Next weekend is a busy weekend as I'll be at the Sussex hamfest on Sunday. Should be fun! Come out, meet and greet.

Happy Friday!

Metro 70 hamfest, KCRC and 4th of July week

Sunday 7/1 I had the pleasure of visiting a small hamfest up in White Plains, NY. It was the Metro 70 hamfest run by Metro 70 network. It was a pretty small, low-key event. ARRL was there with the ENY SM - John, K2QY and his wife Linda, K2QYL N2YBB was also there at the ARRL table.

Nomar, NP4H was there with me to help with the table and it was nice having the company. I also remotely made FT8 contacts in between talking to people.

Quite a few members of WECA were there and we chatted for a good bit. I am speaking at their club meeting in September. Quite a number of others were there and had various things to talk about. It is clear that the campaign is gaining serious momentum as we prepare for positive change in Newington.

On July 3rd I will be at the Kings County Radio Club (KCRC) meeting in Brooklyn, should be fun.

Info is here:

I'll also be operating the 13 colonies special event. It's a fun event where you can work the 1…

Field day visits and observations

Field day is Amateur Radio’s open house. We get to show off the best that our hobby has to offer and even get some folks operating who have never done so.

I decided to take the opportunity to go and talk to some clubs, meet and greet, as well as explain what I’m doing and why I’m doing. That went rather well, but I did hear some things which make my run all the more important.

There were many who said they wanted a change in the Hudson Division leadership and the board in general. But many others have also said that they dropped their membership because they feel left out of the league. I won’t get into the specific complaints but many had felt that the league had stopped representing them and became more like a business rather than a member services organization.

To me this is unacceptable. The League needs to return to member service as its focus and it needs to happen quickly otherwise we will never regain the faith hams  once had in the ARRL.

But generally apart from the ARRL gove…

Who else is running?

This election is critical to the survival of the ARRL. We need good people who believe in a more transparent and open ARRL to step up and help fix what is wrong.

So far in the Northwestern division, Mike Ritz, W7VO is challenging Jim Pace’s (K7CEX) successor - Bonnie Altus, AB7ZQ. I like many of Mike’s ideas and we share many of the same ideals. Therefore I would encourage those in the NW division to support him.

But who else? I’ve heard rumors about a possible challenger in the Central division. If true, I would
absolutely support them. The candidate I’ve heard about is a passionate advocate for the hobby, just like myself. Hopefully they decide to run, and soon.

There is New England. Anyone there? What about Roanoake? The time is now. If YOU are a considering a run and would like some advice and assistance, talk to me. I’ve got political experience and real campaign experience. I am also social media and media savvy. I can give you real strategy advice for engagement and GOTV. My em…

Separating truth from non-truths, and why this election is important

On the news front, my campaign is being noticed by a lot of people. By a lot of prominent people. This is GREAT news. Keep it going! I want to be your advocate in Newington, and I need your support to do it.

Of course, some people are now apparently running scared, because they know that positive change is coming. What do they then do? Counter it with negativity. One person in particular, a retiring director has taken the track of rehashing the same, old, tired "inexperience" argument over and over. But I know the people of Hudson division will see past the negativity and realize that we do need this positive change.

But let's address that first.

When my opponent was first running for director in 2012 (not that long ago), he ran against a sitting director who was previously an experienced vice-director. My opponent's previous field organization experience was primarily as a Section Manager. Did experience matter then? Should we have elected the more "experienced…