GSBARC Fire Island lighthouse activation

On August 19, at the invitation of John, W2HCB, President of The Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club (GSBARC) and EC/RO for the town of Babylon, NY, I visited the Fire Island Lighthouse to help them activate the lighthouse for International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend (ILLW). They have been an amazing and active club for many, many years and I was all too happy to visit.

The lighthouse itself is an amazingly pretty sight to see with some of the most beautiful and absolutely pristine seashore in this area. I took a tour of the lighthouse, and climbed all the way to the top. I also met up with two of my YL friends - Caryn, KD2GUT and Salli, K2RYD. I operated SSB and CW and many were happy to work me.

GSBARC absolutely rolled out the red carpet. They met me, shuttled me to the light from Robert Moses Field, and even gave me a personal tour of the lighthouse.

The drive from NNJ wasn't too bad at all. I used to actually go out to Long Island quite a lot when I was a contract pyrotechnician for Fireworks by Grucci in Brookhaven, NY. So it wasn't too bad of a drive.

I will be at the club on the 30th of August to speak, and tell them more about my director campaign, and why I am the right choice to lead the Hudson Division. I am looking forward to it. Many are excited and for good reason - a forward-thinking, member-driven, transparent ARRL who listens to member concerns is a very, very good thing. The members of GSBARC know this.

When I am elected director, I will be solidly committed to the entire Hudson division, including Long Island and the NLI section. I have several engagements in LI and in NYC, including the far reaches up to Peconic, NY. There are some great clubs in Long Island and I absolutely want to be involved and engaged with them.

Anyway, here are some pictures. I feel that they tell the story way better than I ever could.


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