WAE DX contest SSB, N2RJ North America winner!

Would you look at that!!! Seems like I made the winner's box :)

This was a pretty tough one, as we had absolutely horrid band conditions, with a radio blackout on Sunday. It was tough going. BUT you know what they say - when the going gets tough, the tough get going. So I powered through, despite bad conditions and QRM from Ethiopia.  I savor it for now, and hope I can repeat it for next year. I guess I need to figure out where on my wall the new plaque will be going. :)

A word about band conditions - I actually prefer worse conditions as it allows me to concentrate on one or two bands rather than having to make decisions about the higher bands. It also reduces the temptation to chase after multipliers on higher bands rather than focusing on rate. No more. I am focusing strongly on running with mult chasing on the 2nd radio almost exclusively. My strategy is changing, and it seems to be working.

Special thanks to Keith, KJ8DO for loaning me his Alpha 91B amp.


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