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New video on YouTube - connector wrapup (for now)

 I'm wrapping up the preliminary series on coax connectors. Reason being that I want to cover a few more topics, and also get a few other pieces in which can get me to do some more in-depth topics. So enjoy the last one, for now... I talk a little about my wardriving days, and wifi antennas. Remember - ham radio is a cool hobby, but it's not the only hobby radio out there! I used to be (and still am!) very much enthused by experimenting with license-free radio services. There is a certain crossover with those that I'd like to cultivate both in my  videos and in the community.  Next I'm going to cover using Linux and MacOS in the hamshack. Should be fun. :)

Welcome, Hackaday readers!

Yesterday, I noticed a lot more people began viewing my videos. And I figured I got linked somewhere in the ham blogosphere, as my friend Dick Norton likes to call it. I checked the usual suspects, including QRZ, Southgate (who has linked me before, thanks!), Twitter and other places. Then someone commented that hackaday led them here. A-ha! Mystery solved! Anyway, here is the post from hackaday, linking to my video: My sincere thanks to Jenny List for writing the article. If you're new to the party, come and join the fun over on YouTube: Be sure to like and subscribe, and tell your friends. But more importantly, watch the videos. You may learn something! 73 Ria, N2RJ

Ria blogs anew!

Well, it's been awhile, but life got in the way.  But I'm back!  What am I up to these days? To begin with, I'm creating videos on YouTube, with the purpose of educating hams and non-hams alike about amateur radio and other technical topics. My goal with these videos is to encourage more people to become radio amateurs but also to encourage people to learn technology. Stay tuned...