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YLRL convention

Less than 2 months from now, a group of dedicated women amateur radio operators (YLs) will convene in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the YLRL convention 2018. This year the convention was organized by YLRL district 5. Thanks especially to the hard work of Michelle Carey, W5MQC and Leah Ohse, W3LEO. I will be a speaker and talking about digital modes in amateur radio. I'll be talking about both HF modes and VHF/UHF modes. It will be a fun presentation, and it is something I enjoy doing. Andrea Slack, K2EZ will be talking about her rover operation. Should be fascinating. Carol Milazzo, KP4MD will also be talking about DXpeditions and her amateur radio adventures. NASA research scientist Nancy Hall, KC4IYD will also be in attendance and speaking at the banquet. This will be very exciting! Nancy is a true role model to women, especially girls looking to get into STEM fields. Many amazing women will be here and if you are a YL, it's a great way for you to network as well. O

Campaign updates - website, media appearances, clubs, field day

It's been a busy week! The outpouring of support has been truly immense. More importantly, the locals in Hudson division have been throwing their support behind my campaign. This is a very good sign. I do especially appreciate the financial support, but even if you can't contribute financially, please do spread the word. However, there is still much work to do. First of all, the website is in full swing at Look there for details of my platform and how you can help. Yesterday (06/19) I made an appearance on HamRadioNow, which is a video web talk show. Here it is: I got some great feedback. I do truly want to be a director who engages her division. You, the division member will be my first duty. Yes, I will have a duty to the league, but the league is you and not some faceless corporation handing down edicts without regard for your opinion. I want to be a director for every radio amateur. Gary made a comment ab